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Research and Development

1、PTFE superfine powder

Model: CGUF201

Packaging: uses double-layer PE plastic packaging put inside a hard-surface 20 kilogram barrel.

Unit: barrel

Transportation: transported as non-dangerous goods, but must avoid sun and rain exposure.

Applications: can be used as a modifier or oil-free lubricating material for rubber, plastics, paints, inks, lubricants, and grease.

Characteristics: low molecular weight, narrow molecular weight distribution, excellent dispersibility and lubrication.

Additional: (1) appropriate for 22 ~ 26 ℃, in a smoke-free environment.

(2) Avoid wetness, coagulation, or adverse circumstances in transportation and storage.

2、PTFE modified suspension resin

Model: CGM011A - fine particle PTFE modified suspension resin

CGM011A (F): fine particle modified-suspension resin used for stuffing



Packaging: uses double-layer PE plastic packaging put inside a hard-surfaced 25-kg barrel.

Unit: barrel

Transportation: avoid wetness during transportation

Applications and characteristics

1.spacer, gaskets, seals; creep resistant, formable

2.ball valve; creep resistant

3.tee joint, elbows; crack resistant, creep resistant

4.auto parts (hydraulic steering, seals); creep resistant, resists bending, wear resistant

5.bellows; flex-fatigue resistant

6.diaphragms ; flex-fatigue resistant, formable

7.board lining; low permeability, weldable, formable, flange-processing

8.containers; low permeability, transparent, cracking-esistant in molding

9.chemical storage tanks; low permeability, transparent, heat-sealing

10.medicine containers; blow-molding suitable

11.metal insert products (butterfly valves, impellers, solenoid valves, mixers); stress-cracking resistant, meltible

12.electrical insulation; smooth surface, high breakdown voltage, stretchable

13.demolded film; smooth surface, not sticky

14.filling base stock; good compatibility with filling materials, creep-resistant, bending-resistant

Characteristics: same good performance as conventional homopolymer PTFE resin, such as heat-resistance, chemical-stability resistance, low friction, not sticky, improves creep-resistance, weldable, tensile-ductility resistance, bending-deflection resistance, and transparency.

Additional: 1. molding operation should be done in clean, smoke-free environment, at 22 ~ 26 ℃.

2.Avoid wetness, coagulation, or other adverse circumstances in transporting and storing.

3.Pay attention to sintering temperature control and prevent over-heating.

3、Extrusion high compression ratio polytef dispersion resin

Model: CGF288 CGF268

Packaging: uses double-layer PE plastic packaging put inside a hard-surface 25-kg barrel

Unit: barrel

Transportation:avoid pressure or collision damage during transporting

Applications:this high-compression ratio PTFE dispersion resin has excellent electrical properties, and is non-stick, chemical resistant, and weather resistant and is widely used in as insulation for wire in airplanes,; wire in electronic equipment; high temperature wire; generator and  fuel piping; steam hoses; viscous material hoses; hydraulic control hose; pumps, valve parts, and bushings.

Characteristics: CGF288 dispersion resin is generally used for extrusion molded products and has a compression ratio of 900:1 or above; it is especially suited to capillary tubing, arund φ0.9/0.5, φ0.6/0.3; it has good continuity and perfect appearance, is burr-free and smooth, comparable to the Japanese F201; it has good transparency, is flat, smooth, soft, with good mechanical and electrical properties, comparable to the Japanese F201.

CGF268 dispersion resin is generally used for extrusion molded products and has a compression ratio of 400:1~1500:1; it is especially suited to capillary tubing, around φ1.8/1.5,φ0.9/0.5; it has good continuity and perfect appearance, is burr-free and smooth, with good transparency, and is flat, smooth, and soft, wirh good mechanical and electrical properties.


1. avoid pressure or collision damage in transport, storage and handling.

2. Temperatures in the operating room should be held to 23 ~ 25 ℃.

3. Mind the temperature controls and avoid runaway temperatures which could cause problems for humans.

4. Be used in a smoke-free workplace.

5. Provide adequate indoor ventilation.

4、High fluorine-containing fluororubber

Model: FPM246T

Packaging: packed in a 5-kg PE plastic bag and put inside a hard-surface 25-kg box.

Unit: box


Applications: mainly used in piping and oil seals for automobiles .

Characteristics: It has the same good properties as conventional fluororubber, such as high-temperature resistance, and its improved fluorine content, means improved medium resistance, especially oil-resistance.

Additonal: should be kept in a clean, cool, dry environment.

5、Fluororubber FPM2301


Packaging: packed in 5-kg bags, put inside 25-kg cardboard boxes.


Tansportation: transported as non-dangerous goods, but must avoid sun or rain exposure.

Applications: It has excellent acid and alkali resistance and fluid and oil resistance, and radiation resistance and good mechanical performance; good for electrical insulation; widely used in  automotive industries and for off-road vehicles; in oil exploration and the petrochemical industry, for industrial pollution controls; and for hydraulic and pneumatic devices; previously used for molded products such as O-rings, V-shaped rings, cups, diaphragms, and oil seals.

Characteristics: It has excellent solvent-resistance and low-temperature performance especially when compared to conventional fluorine rubber.

Additional: should be stored in a cool, dry place storage for a period for no more than one year from the date of production; re-examination as per the standard of Chenguang R.I.C.I is needed if the storage period exceeds one year.If the products meet the requirements, they can still be used.

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